coconut snack

Why is coconut wax better?

Coconut wax is obtained from a sustainable crop that is eco-friendly to harvest and is not associated with any deforestation.  It is produced from cold-pressed coconut meat leaving it free from all toxins. Coconut wax also burns cooler making your candle last longer. Re’ candles are made from completely natural ingredients resulting in a wax that burns cleaner than others in the market. 

Why do you use wooden wicks in you candles?

Our wooden wicks are manufactured in the USA, naturally processed and sourced from sustainable forests. Besides looking unique, they provide a soft crackling sound when burning to create an alluringly warm ambience.  Unlike cotton wicks, wooden wicks emit no harmful toxins, have little to no carbon build-up, debris or sooting.


What’s in your fragrances?

It is imperative that we create candles that envelop rooms with gorgeous scents, transporting you to a deserted island, forest or a field of flowers. Each of our fragrances have been carefully created and blended using the finest essential and phthalate free aromatic oils sourced from around the world. Re’ candles not only have an exquisite fragrance but also the ability to enhance mood and wellbeing.

How should I care for my candle?

With every candle the first burn is the most important and sets the stage for how your candle will burn for the remainder of its life. To achieve an optimal burn and candle life, keep your candle lit for long enough so that the wax melts to the edge of the jar on every burn, especially the first! This is to avoid burning a tunnel down the middle of the candle and leaving wax around the edges of jar, which can create problems such as the wax drowning the wick and the life of the candle being reduced.

Our wooden wicks are self trimming so they rarely need to be trimmed in between lightings unless the wick is too long and the candle is producing smoke or soot. Your candle should not be burned for any longer than 4 hours at a time to avoid the candle from burning too hot. Keep candle away from foreign materials and burn on an even, heat resistant surface, and remember to allow your candle to cool completely before handling!


What should I do if my candle is producing smoke?

All candles are capable of producing smoke, but you’re Re’ candle should be virtually smoke free if it has been burned and cared for properly. A candle can produce smoke for a variety of reasons; the wick is too long, the candle is burning too hot, the candle has been burning for too long, or the candle is in a drafty area or on an uneven surface. Additionally, wooden wicks will often produce a little smoke for a few seconds on the first burn or after the wick has been trimmed because the pores in the wood are exposed. If your candle is producing smoke for more than a few seconds, move it to a level and draft-free surface. If the candle continues to produce smoke it is likely that the wick is too long. Extinguish your candle immediately and wait for the candle to cool and and wax to harden before slightly trimming the wick.  Remember not to burn your candle for more than 4 hours at a time to avoid it burning too hot.